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Speed starts in the head

Pure athletic speed is an important component of almost any sport. Often, however, it is even more important not only to be fast and explosive, but to perform exactly the right thing at the right time in the optimum speed. What is the basis for appropriate perception and decision-making processes, what capacities of the brain influence sporting activities and achievements, to what extent can this be tested and trained? These and many other questions are increasingly being dealt by sports science and other scientific institutes.

The SpeedCourt has already established itself as the standard among numerous national and international universities. In addition, the system can be used to objectify approaches to talent diagnostics and training intervention for speed of action. The complexity of cognitive processes will also require completely new approaches in the future.

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Advantages at a Glance

  • Customizable software
  • User-friendly application
  • Compatible with other analysis tools for easy data exchange
  • Extensive data network

6 Steps to SpeedCourt Science

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    Learn about GlobalSpeed and our work in a personal conversation. The aim is to inform you about the individual possibilities created by us. In the end, you will reach an ideal level of information through a practical presentation. We cordially invite you to a demo training with us in the showroom or with one of our many partners.

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    We want to achieve the best result for you. That's why we often need more information about you and your project than you do about us and our systems.

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    Every SpeedSystem, every SpeedLab is individually prepared for you with a corresponding time-forward.

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    Delivery & Installation

    Our engineering and technical team delivers and installs your plant. We will endeavour to consider your desired dates. Depending on the variant, the installations extend over a period of 1-14 days.

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    With installation you receive trainings, the scope and design of which is based on the nature of your order.

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    After successfully completed training you are able to operate the system and start the training.

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