To success with SpeedCourt & Co.

A central part of our work is the creation of game-oriented test and training situations. These include athletically pronounced elements such as kick-off, sprint, jumps or simple change of direction. In the game, however, these elements usually take place in the context of reaction, visual speed, perception, stress resistance, decision speed, orientation speed, time pressure, anticipation, concentration, accuracy, etc. In addition, diagnostics, rehabilitation, regeneration, talent recognition and promotion etc. also play an important role.

These factors are optimally taken into account in the different editions of our systems and concepts. The cognitive and motor speed of the athletes is thus increased effectively and sustainably.

Our mobile speed-devices are made of high-quality materials without exception. The massive, easy-to-assemble wooden substructure provides an optimal basis for the most diverse, certified sports flooring that characterise our systems.

  • SpeedCourt Training

    The SpeedCourt Training has been proven to help good athletes get even better, injured athletes recover from injury faster and demonstrates the individual strengths and weaknesses of the athlete.

    SpeedCourt Training
  • SpeedCourt Return

    The SpeedCourt Return was specially developed for efficient rehabilitation. The focus is mainly on the implementation of return-to-sport, return-to-competition/return-to-work and return-to-play tests.

    SpeedCourt Return
  • SpeedCourt Science

    Speed of execution is still a widely explored area of training science to this day. The brain - as a movement controlling organ as trainable as muscles - offers the basis of research with the SpeedCourt.

    SpeedCourt Science
  • SpeedCourt Media

    The SpeedCourt is also suitable for the promotion and entertainment sector beyond the limits of sports science. Our system has already entered into action in a playful way for numerous TV shows, events and in the sporting goods industry.

    SpeedCourt Media
  • Other Systems

    The central part of our systems are realistic speed movements. In addition to athletically pronounced elements such as kick-off, sprints, jumps or simple change of direction, the brain-controlled processes such as perception, speed of decision-making, anticipation and reaction are of increased interest to us.

    Other Systems