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It’s not just about muscle speed… You need to train the brain and train the nervous system that is where speed comes from. That is what we do! Increase processing speed and neural speed.

We are not just about making muscles more efficient and athletes faster…It is a matter of anticipating situations better, minimizing time losses, increasing the precision of actions. It’s about perfecting the elegance of movements, being efficient. It is not a question of training on individual devices, but of having to look at the whole thing.

No matter where we start, whether after an injury in rehab, at the high level of a professional player or in adolescence, we stand for continuous, measurable, sustainable improvements. For unloading previously untapped forces and abilities. For experiencing the enormous potential in the interaction of the brain, nervous system and muscles. In the GlobalSpeed Lab, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

This is much more than speed. This is GlobalSpeed.

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Shanghai, Dubai, Zurich or Munich: GlobalSpeed solutions are distributed throughout the globe. Convince yourself.

We like SpeedCourt®

"The SpeedCourt is a great way to develop speed at all levels, especially in children and teenagers, with fun and goal-oriented development."

Philipp Lahm
Captain of the Football World Champion Team 2014 & long-time Captain of FC Bayern Munich, Champions League Winner 2013

„I don’t know any other system, that trains overall speed like the speedcourt.“

Uwe Gensheimer
Captain of the German National Handball Team

„SpeedCourt is an important component in our technology and data concept at Säbener Straße in performance diagnostics and in the rehabilitation of players after injuries. My players are absolutely open to the innovative possibilities that the system offers. Working with GlobalSpeed has been trustworthy and reliable for years."

Dr. Holger Broich / Scientific Director & Head of Fitness
FC Bayern Munich

"COPA Innovation Laboratories (“COPA Labs”) is engaged in the research, development and production of advanced training tools, the accumulation of athletic talent data through quantitative assessment protocols, and the operation of sports training centers. GlobalSpeed GmbH Germany with its technical solutions and its overall understanding of the design of the most modern sports and athletic centres is a great help and enrichment throughout the entire planning and realisation phase of our world-wide unique centre."

Mark Hall / President & CEO Hall Equities Group
Owner United Soccer League Franchise

„We have been working here at the Sports Institute in Paderborn for several years with the SpeedCourt. The reliability of the data, the flexibility of the system and the always uncomplicated and fast support of the team of GlobalSpeed in practical and theoretical questions are of great help to us in our scientific work."

Prof. Dr. Dr. Claus Reinsberger / Head of Department Sports & Health
University of Paderborn

„The Speedcourt helps us together with the SG medical team to make better return to play decisions, to integrate players back into training operations and to reduce the risk of re-injury. We place particular emphasis on the starting point of the movement – the brain. It is a very dynamic organ and its functions can be trained as well as those of muscles. Precise data from the SpeedCourt and the confidence of the players in these are a great support in the return process. It also makes it fun for players."

Prof. Dr. Jochen Baumeister
on the work of the European University of Flensburg with the SpeedCourt at the German Handball Champion 17/18 SG Flensburg-Handewitt

„For me, the SpeedCourt is an excellent means in everyday training work to be able to put new and varied training stimuli on the players again and again."

Henrik Kuchno / Athletics Coach
Hertha BSC

„Especially when planning the SpeedLab in the new campus, the drawings and 3D views for the design and visualisation of SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack were very helpful. The systems are now almost daily in use. The practical support of the team of GlobalSpeed in the test design and training execution takes place regularly.“

Johannes Wieber / Athletics Coach
FC Bayern Amateurs